Headless walker spotted in Eyam

A spooky image of a headless walker in Eyam has captured the imagination of a California resident.

Friday, 30th October 2015, 10:57 am
This image on Google Street View was taken by Michael Hobson and sent in by JB Reynolds on Northern California.

JB Reynolds emailed us this snap which he discovered while researching the history of the plague-hit village.

He said: "I quickly discovered that Trip Advisor rates The Barrel Inn as Eyam's #1 hotel, and it was not difficult to locate the Inn via Google Maps. However, I discovered that if one goes the additional step of consulting the Street View Google pictures, a certain "photo-sphere" taken in October of 2014 by someone named Michael Hobson reveals an astonishing image of a headless ghost sitting on a bench in front of the establishment, swigging a pint and munching on a snack!

"Seeing is believing and Mr Hobson's camera cannot lie, eh?

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"Now, I can't claim to be an expert, but it seems the poor fellow must have been decapitated slightly above the neck, evidently by a myopic executioner, as his lush beard has remained attached to his ghostly form. Clearly this makes it easier for him to eat, as he only needs to drop his biscuits down the hole and pour a slurp after. Though, I wasn't aware that ghosts needed to eat at all --- perhaps he was cruelly denied his Last Meal at the Eyam gaol, centuries ago? And is now cursed to remain on this spot, snacking hopelessly for all eternity? Well, as I say, I'm no expert.

"Nonetheless I would advise the Innkeepers to capitalize on this incredible discovery! I think "The Horror of the Hungry Highwayman" has an attractive ring to it. Though the evidence might be considered inconclusive that he actually was a highwayman (he doesn't appear to have a horse, for instance -- with or without a head of its own) the alliteration does sound awfully good."

What do you think? Have you taken a spooky picture like this one? Let us know. Email [email protected].