HAVE YOUR SAY: Readers have been writing in about what matters to them this week with the Horn’s Bridge cycle path and integration as the hot topics. Why not join the debate?

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Work on the new cycle path at Horn’s Bridge has certainly got Times readers writing in this week with our postbag and inbox full with thoughts on the topic.

Judging by the comments, Stephen Payne certainly got some peoples’ backs up after suggesting that cyclists should be taxed. Read all about his idea and the reaction to it here.

Paul Webber complains that the work won’t be finished in time causing chaos in the run up to Christmas, read his letter here.

While L.Hopkinson supports the plans and can see the benefit for the town, read more here.

And Graham Burton looks to the future and believes the path will be well used and well suited to new technologies such as segways and hoverboards. Read his views here.

Changing the subject and David Mawson has called for integration, read his letter here.

and Granville Stone has expressed his upset that cinemas will not show the Lord’s Prayer in the run up to Christmas, see what he has to say here.

As ever, we want to know your views.

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