HASLAND: ‘Ridiculous’ ride injures boy

Jude Mellors badley broke his arm on play equipment at Eastwood park in Hasland.
Jude Mellors badley broke his arm on play equipment at Eastwood park in Hasland.

A spinning playground ride has been blasted as ‘ridiculous’ by the mum of an eight-year-old who broke his arm using it.

Young Jude Barnett will spend his summer holidays with his arm in plaster, after falling from equipment in Eastwood Park, Hasland.

The Temple Normanton Primary school pupil was at the newly-renovated playground with his sister and grandparents when the accident happened.

Grandad, David Mellors, said: “Jude was lifted by his sister to hang on the handle while a man sat his child on the seat.

“The man started to spin it round but after a few revolutions the centrifugal force and speed was too much and he was forced to let go.

“He landed on the grass and broke his arm so badly that he has had to have a plate screwed to the bone.”

Jude was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital, where according to his mum, Sue Mellors, they were told of similar accidents happening.

“A nurse at the hospital said they had had three other boys who had a similar accident on the same equipment,” said Sue, of Shakespeare Street, Holmewood.

“I have looked at it and it just looks ridiculous. It is obvious a child is going to fly off.”

A spokesman for Chesterfield Borough Council, who owns the playground, on Hasland Road, said: “We are sorry to hear about this accident and hope that Jude makes a quick recovery. We have also been notified about an unrelated incident where someone was injured on the zip wire in the park.

“A playground inspector and a health and safety inspector have both visited the site and found no faults with any of the equipment or the play surface underneath, which comply with European safety standards.

“This equipment is designed to meet the demand from teenagers for more adventurous play equipment and as a result will always contain an element of risk.”

Chesterfield Royal Hospital couldn’t confirm if they had seen other similar injuries to the one Jude suffered during his accident on July 24.