Hasland needs help before it’s too late

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How many more accidents will occur in Hasland before Derbyshire County Council Highways Department acknowledge that the signalised junction they installed in December 2011 for ‘safety’ reasons, has made the area more dangerous than the previous roundabout ever did?

How can it be safer when there have been 11 injury accidents in the last 15 months, compared to seven injury accidents over a five-year period that led to the removal of the previous roundabout/zebra crossing?

We see frustrations and chaos caused by the stop/start of traffic, and vehicles speeding up trying to get through, or away from, the lights.

Drivers think their way forward will be clear because a green light has told them to ‘go’, however, human nature is such that some people will not be using the crossings.

Even the pedestrian using the crossing correctly often finds a vehicle coming at them that has been caught in the centre of the junction.

The result is a very dangerous area, and that’s not to mention the effects on local trade as many people now avoid shopping in Hasland as queues of traffic often make parking a nightmare!

We ask again that Derbyshire County Council reinstate the roundabout to enable traffic to flow through the village at a slower, steadier, safer pace and encourage motorists to think for themselves and anticipate what might be around the corner.

Judi Copley, via email

A very concerned local

business owner