HASLAND: Ladies Circle launches 50th anniversary year


At the beginning of January, Margie Hodkin, president of Hasland Ladies Circle, welcomed members back to the first meeting of the new year, along with two new members, Audrey Jenkinson and Sylvia Harris. Brenda Brown organised a beetle drive and a very entertaining time was enjoyed by everyone. Pauline Young achieved the top marks and the choice of prize, and president Margie Hodkin was the runner up. Thanks were given to Brenda Brown, and the evening ended with refreshments, served by Gwen Frazer and Pauline Young.

The next meeting, planned for the end of January, unfortunately had to be cancelled because of the excessively wintry weather conditions.

At the start of February it was possible to hold the planned meeting, and Margaret Rees introduced Alison Wells, a ‘Voluntary representative for Traidcraft’, an organisation whose aim is to help people achieve fair wages for the products they produce in their own countries such as Bangladesh and India, as they try and compete with the large companies of the world. The name we are more familiar with is Fair Trade, and by buying items with this logo from our shops we can know that we are helping people to achieve a better standard of living. Members were able to sample Fair Trade goods such as chocolate and biscuits, and there were many items for sale. Enid Oliver, Margaret White and Barbara Bull provided the refreshments for this meeting. Anne Brittain informed members that a new night for everyone is to start on February 14, called Crafty Chit-Chat. It will be held on alternate Wednesdays in the Lounge of Hasland Methodist Church on Hampton Street, from 7pm to 10pm. All those interested are very welcome – just come along and bring a friend. Knitting, craft work and embroidery are sure to be discussed, along with much chit-chat. The evening ended with Brenda Brown reminding all the members that this year sees the Group’s fiftieth anniversary, and asking them for ideas as to how it should be celebrated.