HASLAND: Ladies Circle hear talk on health care in Tudor times

Hasland Ladies Circle welcomed Keith and Shirley Thomas as their guest speakers, who once again did not disappoint with their illustrated talks giving a taster of seven beautiful historical homes and ’Gardens of Cornwall’. President Margie Hodkin welcomed two new ladies Joy Senior and Doreen Clayton, along with the other 26 members present. Refreshments were served by Enid Oliver and Val Davies.

At their most recent meeting, the talk was ‘Garderobes, Grime and Leeches’ which proved extremely interesting despite its title. Maureen S. Taylor, a 16th century historian, was able to open the ladies’ eyes on how people managed with poor sewage arrangements, no running water and a do-it-yourself health care which led to a high mortality rate of all ages in Tudor times. Everyone concluded that they were fortunate to be born today. Margie Hodkin led the vote of thanks. Refreshments were served by Sheila Preece and Anita Payne.

Hasland Methodist Church Lounge is the venue where the Hasland Ladies Circle meet and enjoy time with friends, along with interesting talks and activities and much more. The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 3, at 7.45pm, and all will be very welcome.