Hammer man could be jailed

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A MAN who intervened in a domestic bust-up and launched a hammer attack on his victim could be locked up.

Kyle Scofield had a row with his partner, Rhiannon Percival, on March 25 and she told him she was leaving him.

Mr Scofield was at home later that day when Robert Wilde went to the address in Barrow Hill, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

He saw Wilde, 26, holding an object and then felt a blow to the top of the back of his head

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, said Wilde aimed two more blows which Mr Scofield blocked with his arms.

“He fell to the floor and curled up and felt the defendant hit him three or four times, saying: ‘That will teach you’,” added Ms Manning.

Mr Scofield was taken to hospital where a cut to his head was glued. He also suffered bruising to an arm.

Wilde accepted he had used a hammer during the attack when interviewed a second time by police.

Wilde, of Fernvale, Darley House Estate, Hackney, Matlock, admitted assault.

The bench decided their powers of punishment were insufficient and committed him to be sentenced by a judge at Derby Crown Court on June 15.

“He was with a group of friends when Rhiannon, the ex-partner of the complainant, approached them. She was very upset with visible injuries to her face and she said she had been assaulted by the complainant,” said Joe Harvey, for Wilde.

“She asked the group to remove him from the property and, jokingly, Mr Wilde picked up a hammer and asked: ‘Will I be needing this?’.

“She said: ‘I think so’ and he took it along with no intention of using it. It was just bravado.”

Mr Harvey said Mr Scofield was asked to leave the address. “He was in a rage and he came at Mr Wilde, who feared he would be assaulted. “He put the complainant in a headlock and hit him on the back with the hammer. He then pushed the complainant away, causing his head to hit a wall,” said Mr Harvey, adding that Wilde had used the hammer to defend himself.