Great to see spire back: Council was responsible

Like many Derbyshire Times readers, and Chesterfield residents generally, I was delighted to hear that Chesterfield’s famous crooked spire emblem was rightly going back on the gateway road signs at the borough boundaries.

However, it would be wrong for residents to think that what goes on Chesterfield’s gateway road signs is the responsibility of Destination Chesterfield – which was referred to in your article. It’s ultimately a matter for Chesterfield Borough Council.

In fact, the decision to miss off the world famous spire from the signs was taken by the controlling Labour politicians at a Borough Council Cabinet Meeting last year.

Not surprisingly, given the public uproar, they’ve not been queuing up to claim responsibility and to associate themselves with the issue.

But make no mistake, the publicly available Cabinet minutes of October 18th 2011 clearly shows their responsibility by recording the decision: ‘that the proposed changes to the town’s entry signage at key entry points to Chesterfield be approved’.

It’s really good that vocal public opinion has changed minds - that’s good democracy.

But the whole protracted saga has been at a totally unnecessary cost.

What was wrong with putting the new wavy lines on the previous signs, which themselves cost around £10,000 of public money - and had only been up a few years? 

Cllr Ray Russell