Grassmoor woman thanks St John Ambulance ‘lifesavers’

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A Grassmoor woman has praised the ‘lifesavers’ who transported her home following an accident while she was on holiday in Devon.

Now Jane Redgewell, 47 has been reunited with first aid volunteers Joe Marshall and Sue Goodwin and thanked them for their help.

Jane, 47, had been on holiday in Devon when, on the fourth day of their holiday, disaster struck and she and her family were in a road traffic accident.

Jane, her husband Andrew, daughter Sarah–Jane, 14, and son James, 16, were on a trip to the beach when the bus they were travelling was in an accident with a car.

Andrew, Sarah-Jane and James suffered grazes and bruises but for Jane, who had undergone back surgery last year, the impact caused back and neck injuries, which rendered her hospitalised.

Jane had to spend eight days – the remainder of their holiday - in hospital, and her family had to come home without her.

Without St John Ambulance she would have had to wait about another week before she could be transported back home. She couldn’t travel in a car because she needed to be laid flat throughout the journey so her only option was an ambulance repatriation.

She said: “I can’t thank the wonderful St John Ambulance crew Joe and Sue enough for what they did to help me.

“They brought me home from Devon hospital, to be reunited with my family in time for my daughter’s birthday.

“The crew was not only professional, they were caring, friendly and put me at ease from the moment they arrived at my bedside in hospital.

“Joe and Sue gave up their time to drive me the long journey home. I shall be forever grateful, forever in their debt, and I pray that St John Ambulance – such a fabulous worthwhile organisation - continues to thrive and to help many people for many years to come.”

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