GRASSMOOR: Man charged after apples hit window

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A man has been arrested and charged with criminal damage after apples were thrown at the window of a home in Grassmoor.

Earlier this month, police were called to a property on New Street after a woman heard a number of bangs on her window.

She looked out and noticed apples on the ground below.

They had left marks on her window.

Local enquiries were carried out and a man was arrested later that evening.

Sgt Aidan Stones said: “While it might seem like fun to throw items at someone’s window, it is classed as anti-social behaviour and can be distressing to others.

“Also, if a window breaks, it could cause harm to others.

“We are committed to reducing anti-social and nuisance behaviour and we will always look to take action against people found causing it.”

Adrian Foster, 26, of Chapman Lane, Grassmoor, was charged with criminal damage and is set to appear before magistrates in Chesterfield on September 18.