Golfers to raise funds for Macmillan


Golfers will be raising funds to support an eight-year-old girl who was treated for eye cancer.

A team of four from Chesterfield are taking part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s Longest Day Golf Challenge on Monday, July 23.

Team member Damon Walter is doing the challenge to support his friend Mark Trivett.

Mark’s daughter Evie was born in 2004.

When she was two she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer.

Mark said: “We started to notice that she had a white sheen over her right eye that was noticeable in certain light. As this became more and more noticeable we decided to take her to the local optician’s to get her checked out.”

The optician referred Evie to Chesterfield Royal Hospital and further tests confirm she had cancer.

Mark said: “We spent the next two and a half years travelling to Birmingham and Sheffield hospitals for checkups and for them to administer chemotherapy and later radiotherapy. Evie, now eight-years-old, ended up losing her right eye in 2005 and now has a prosthetic eye fitted, but thankfully is a beautiful little girl who is living a very normal life.”

He added: “The people at Macmillan were key for us getting through this terrible experience and offered not only Evie, but me and my wife support on a 24-7 basis.

“They answered the phone at any hour, gave Evie medical support when needed and offered me and Becky a listening ear throughout my daughters’ illness. They do this for families all around the country on a daily basis and the encouragement and help they provide is key to helping families deal with an illness that effects one in three people.

“Without the support of Macmillan I do not know whether me and the missus would have got through.”