Glimmers of hope in village

SP92032 Cllr Terry Moon at Pilsley community centre.
SP92032 Cllr Terry Moon at Pilsley community centre.

A VILLAGE blighted by yobbish behaviour is seeing “glimmers of improvement,” a council chief has claimed.

Councillor Terry Moon has spoken out following the launch of a number of crime-busting drives to tackle anti-social behaviour in Pilsley, near Clay Cross.

Cllr Moon, the chairman of Pilsley Parish Council, said worried villagers can expect to benefit from more initiatives to clamp down on the disorder.

Speaking to the Derbyshire Times, which has published numerous readers’ letters and stories about the troubles in Pilsley, Cllr Moon, who lives in the village, said: “A lot of people – including the parish council and the police – are working hard to beat the problems.

“Things are happening, things are being done. We are making headway, we are seeing glimmers of improvement.”

Inspector Michelle Shooter, who is in charge of policing in north east Derbyshire, said: “During the last month we’ve had fewer calls regarding anti-social behaviour in Pilsley than in any other district in north east Derbyshire.”

Cllr Moon told how police have been “reaching out” to local youngsters by arranging trips to leisure centres and holding boxing-based fitness sessions for the youths.

He said officers and councillors were holding weekly street briefings around the village, giving concerned residents the chance to air concerns and set priorities for police.

“The briefings are going down very well, with troublemakers joining us and admitting responsibility for problems,” he said.

Cllr Moon, 75, a retired teacher, told how police were looking into introducing an alcohol exclusion zone in Pilsley – banning people from drinking on the streets – as well as setting up a youth club and installing more CCTV.

He said: “We’re looking for long-term solutions, not a quick fix.”

When the Derbyshire Times visited Pilsley in August, worried villagers claimed hooded youngsters were wreaking havoc on the streets, leaving people “scared to death”.

Cllr Moon said: “I think it’s important to stress there are more law-abiding youths than troublesome youngsters in Pilsley.”

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