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sp94286'RSPCA Chesterfield Christmas Feature - Lala the Ferret
sp94286'RSPCA Chesterfield Christmas Feature - Lala the Ferret
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THESE adorable creatures may look set for Christmas, but they will be spending the festive season without an owner like dozens of animals at the RSPCA.

As we tuck into our turkey, workers at the the charity’s Chesterfield branch, on Spital Lane, will be caring for dogs, cats, rabbits and even micropigs which are all in need of a permanent home.

One of the centre’s longest residents is five-year-old Akita, Theo, who is facing his second Christmas at the centre, after being brought in as a cruelty case with two siblings in December 2010.

Animal care assistant, Andy Helliwell, said: “His sisters were rehomed a couple of months ago, but there hasn’t been much interest in Theo.

“He’s not great with other dogs, but he loves affection and he loves people.”

Another pet with a long history at the centre is merry moggie Sabrina who, at the ripe old age of 15, is looking for a home in which to spend her last years.

Andy said: “We don’t know exactly how old she is, but if she gets a loving home she could live so much longer.”

But tiny little Lala, the one-year-old ferret, is also looking for a new home after arriving at the centre three weeks ago.

Dee Harris, animal care assistant, said: “She wants a loving home where she will be treated as part of the family. She is a very loving pet.”

More unusual are Coco and Chanel, two not-so-mini micropigs who were given up for rehoming after they got too big for their previous owners.

The pair have been in the care of the RSPCA for five months and are around a year old.

Dee added: “Pets are a full time responsibility. Think before you get one and think of the expense, time and effort required. It isn’t just a one-off cost at Christmas time.”

If you would like to adopt any of the animals at the centre or donate food, blankets and toys to the animals, call RSPCA Chesterfield on (01246) 273358.