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World Book Night Deirdre Gage.
World Book Night Deirdre Gage.
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“MY life without books is unimaginable to me.”

So said Deirdre Gage, who is giving out 48 free books across Chesterfield as part of World Book Night – the most ambitious celebration of adult books and reading in the UK – this Saturday, March 5.

She will distribute copies of Alan Bennett’s A Life Like Other People’s as one of a selected 20,000-strong army of ‘givers’ handing out books they love.

Mum-of-four Deirdre, whose experience has been filmed by The Culture Show for BBC2, said: “My life without books is unimaginable to me.

“Books have been there, they’ve given me knowledge, comfort, they’ve made me laugh – they’re almost as vital to me as food.

“I think introducing people to books is a huge part of being human.

“Something like World Book Night, where you are given a free book by somebody who loves it is a great way to introduce people to new literature or inspire them to pick up a book for the first time in their adult lives.”

Deirdre, of Walton, collected her books from Waterstone’s Chesterfield – which is also holding a book swap between 4-6pm on Saturday – this week.

The former teacher (49) chose her title because it reminds her of growing up in Leeds, where she also worked in an independent book shop, and her family.

She added: “I’m hoping people read it and realise the families they’re reading about are like the ones they have – then read more by Alan Bennett.”

On Saturday Deirdre will hand out books at her family owned Created Gallery at 5pm, in cafê Mesamis from 6.20pm, at her local The Peacock pub from 7.15pm and during the interval at the Pomegranate Theatre from 8.15pm.

Derbyshire Times’ deputy editor Phil Bramley is also a giver for the event – which aims to give one million books two days after World Book Day.

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