Generate cash making power

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ADDING solar panels to your roof could give you free electricity and cash back from the Government.

Under the Clean Energy Cashback scheme, the Government pays contributing householders 43.3p per kilowatt produced.

The payments are index-linked and guaranteed for 25 years.

And with most solar panel systems paid for in eight to ten years, that leaves least 15 years in which to recoup some cash and 25 years of a supply of free electricity to your home.

A solar PV panel consists of cells of one or two layers made from a semi-conducting material like silicon. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels use energy from the sun to generate electricity, unlike solar thermal panels which use it to heat water for your home.

For the solar PV panel system to work effectively, you’ll need up to 5m square of roof, receiving direct sunlight for most of the day.

EcoTherm Solutions are an energy company based in Killamarsh,which can help you assess your home’s suitability for the system.

Steve Crump, of parent company J and J Crump and Son, said: “You get paid 43.3p a KW whether you use the electricity or not, it’s a better investment than putting money in the bank.”

“The life expectancy of the system is up to 50 years, there are no moving parts, no maintenance and the new panels include self-cleaning glass.

“The feed-in tariff of 43.3 pence a kw is guaranteed for 25 years and index linked so it is inflation proof, and most systems are paid for within 8-10 years. After that all the money you earn is yours. But in the meantime don’t forget all the free electricity, in ten years bills could have trebled so it makes even more sense. Getting paid to generate your own energy sounds good to me.”

Steve added: “The advent of new highly efficient solar photovoltaic panels are the next phase in super-efficient homes. These panels don’t need sunlight to produce electricity; they work off daylight, even in the depths of winter.”

So you could be helping to lower your bills by reducing the amount of electricity you need from your supplier.

For more information on Solar PV systems contact Steve Crump or Chris Allen on 0800 7833127/01142 471098.