Furious man leaves a trail of destruction

From the courts
From the courts

A RAGE-FUELLED villager who went on a wrecking spree has been spared jail after a court heard how he suffers with migraines, depression and memory loss.

Nathan Brady, 40, of Standard Cottage, Wirksworth, smashed a caravan belonging to Roy Stevenson and a Ford Transit van and a beehive belonging to Richard Lambeth because he believed Mr Lambeth had sent police to his home over separate allegations which he claims were ill-founded.

Prosecuting solicitor Miss Lynn Manning told Chesterfield magistrates’ court on Monday: “Brady had been told Mr Lambeth was responsible for calling police to his address and he stormed off and indiscriminately hit objects including the caravan and the van.”

Miss Manning said Mr Lambeth’s van windscreen and windows were smashed and an offside wing mirror, registration plate and headlights had been damaged. She added that Mr Stevenson also had windows smashed and a door damaged on his caravan.

Mr Lambeth had been in a field checking on high-powered tools which had been previously stolen when he discovered the damage in May and Brady nearby.

The court heard how dad-of-two Brady, who pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage, was a rail company employee but following an accident he could no longer work because of a head injury and suffers migraines, depression and memory loss. Magistrates gave him a 20 week custodial sentence suspended for 52 weeks with a six-month supervision order. He was also ordered to pay £530 in compensation.