Fundraising event to be held in Chesterfield to remember Chris Henchliffe

Yvonne Henchliffe with Chris Henchliffe. Picture supplied by Yvonne Henchliffe.
Yvonne Henchliffe with Chris Henchliffe. Picture supplied by Yvonne Henchliffe.

A fundraising event will be held later this summer to remember Chris Henchliffe.

The event, which will take place at the Olde House pub in Chesterfield from 2pm on August 27, will include a show of strength from Simon Plant, one of the world's strongest men, as well as a firewalk.

It is being organised by Mr Henchliffe's mother, Yvonne, and will raise money for the Royal British Legion and Neurocare, which supports the neurosciences department of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Former soldier and father Mr Henchliffe, of Maynard Close, Chesterfield, died in the hospital aged 26 on July 12 last year, nine days after an altercation outside the town’s Pomegranate Theatre.

Benjamin Edwards, 22, of Fieldview Place, Chesterfield, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Mr Henchliffe following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court in May.

Mrs Henchliffe - who has started a campaign group called Stay Cute and Dilute which is aimed at encouraging revellers to drink less alcohol in a bid to cut alcohol-fuelled violence - said: "The fundraising event is a way of giving back to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the Royal British Legion.

"The hospital does an amazing job.

"The nurses have been taught by angels and act like angels.

"They see so many alcohol-fuelled injuries.

"The boy in the bed next to Chris was in there in similar circumstance.

"He came out of his coma - but Chris didn't.

"The Royal British Legion looks after veterans young and old and attended Chris's funeral - they did him proud.

"During the fundraising event, we want to raise awareness.

"We'll be handing out free soft drinks throughout and hopefully I will talk to people there to explain what Stay Cute and Dilute is about."

The fundraising event will also feature stalls, music, face painting, nail art, displays from clubs and sea cadets and a raffle with prizes including a 30-minute ride in a limousine, beauty treatments and haircuts.

If you would like to take part in the firewalk - which will take place at 7pm after training - you can enter at Chesterfield’s Goodies £1 Takeaway and the Sun Inn pub.

Entry is £20.

Mrs Hencliffe said: "We have about 70 walkers so far but would love to get more than 200."

After Edwards was jailed for five-and-a-half years for unlawfully killing Mr Henchliffe, Mrs Henchliffe said: "Chris was the fun in our lives, the spirit, the push to succeed when we needed something positive.

"Chris always gave our family inspiration.

"I would give my life right now to give my family back the greatest man in our lives

"We revolved around him."