FRIDAY FUN: Test your local knowledge with our How Derbyshire Are You quiz

It’s time to test out your local knowledge and have a bit of fun with our light-hearted How Derbyshire Are You quiz.

Friday, 6th November 2015, 3:31 pm
Chatsworth House is probably one of Derbyshire's best-known landmarks but how much do you really know about the county?

Whether you’re Derbyshire born and bred, or moved to the county 20 years ago, these 15 questions will test out the old grey matter.

Scroll down for the answers (no cheating!).

And don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

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1. It was home to the Nightmare Niagra ride

2. We’ve all heard of the Bakewell Tart - but what is the other sweet treat named after the town?

3. You have probably been to these illuminations many more times than the ones at Blackpool

4. Which town would you be in if you were boogieing the night away at the Factory back in the day?

5. Where does Ilson refer to?

6. Famous goalkeeper John Lukic was born here

7. What does nesh mean?

8. Which town is famous for producing nails?

9. It’s home to Britain’s only known Ice Age cave art

10. What is a jitty?

11. What attraction would you be visiting if you had to ride in a cable car to get there?

12. It’s similar to pancakes and can be served with savoury fillings and accompaniments or sweet ones

13. It appeared in the Harry Potter films as Malfoy Manor

14. A James Bond actor who hails from Derbyshire

15. Its warm springs were appreciated by the Romans


13-15 You’re proper Derbyshire

9-12 That were a belter but you can do better

5-8 Pretty average yoth

1-4 Ave ye gone boz-eyed?

And the answers are

1. American Adventure Theme Park

2. Bakewell Pudding

3. Matlock Bath

4. Ilkeston

5. Ilkeston

6. Chesterfield

7. Someone who feels the cold more than others

8. Belper

9. Creswell Crags

10. A passageway between houses, also known as a “ginnel” or “gennel”

11. Heights of Abraham

12. Oatcakes

13. Hardwick Hall

14. Timothy Dalton

15. Buxton