Free wi-fi now available at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Patients, relatives and visitors to Chesterfield Royal Hospital will find it even easier to keep in touch with their friends and family - after free wi-fi went live.

The project, a partnership between the hospital, NHS Digital and service provider Hospedia, is part of a national initiative to make sure all NHS sites have free wi-fi available.

Ian Hazel, associate director of ICT at the Royal, said: "We're delighted to launch free wi-fi.

"It's something the IT team has been working towards to improve the technology we can offer our patients and visitors on site.

"It's reassuring to know that even while in hospital you can send a message, check e-mails and see posts from friends and family on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

"The ability to keep in touch means people feel less isolated and more relaxed, which in turn can support better recovery.

"Being able to contact loved-ones about what to bring, what time to visit and arrangements for going home makes the whole experience far less stressful."

Lynn Andrews, director of nursing and patient care, added: "This is another example of how we’re improving the experience our patients have when they are with us."

A Royal spokesperson added: "Free wi-fi won’t allow users access to streaming services or make video calls - and some sites will be blocked to users.

"The trust will also be asking patients to be mindful of others when they’re using their own device, with volumes kept low or headphones on."