Former Chesterfield chip shop owner could face re-trial on alleged terror charge after jury fail to reach verdict

Andy Star.
Andy Star.

A former Chesterfield chip shop owner could face a re-trial on an alleged terror charge after a jury failed to reach a verdict following a trial.

Andy Star, 32, of Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor and Farhad Salah, 23, of Brunswick Road, Burngreave, Sheffield, went on trial at Sheffield Crown Court last month, accused of preparing an act of terrorism in support of Islamic State.

Farhad Salah.

Farhad Salah.

Both men denied the charge.

After 17 hours of deliberation, Judge Paul Watson QC discharged the jury of seven women and four men this morning, after they were unable to reach a verdict.

The Crown indicated it would seek a retrial.

The jury were first sent out a week ago (October 3) following a four week trial.

The 12th jury member was discharged on Monday due to illness.

Judge Watson told jurors yesterday afternoon he would be able to accept a majority verdict of 10-1, prior to this the only verdict that would have been accepted would have been an unanimous one.

With a panel of 12 jury members, it is possible for a majority verdict of 10-2 or 11-1 to be accepted.

However, with a reduced panel of 11 members, a majority of 10 is still required.