Fly-tipper makes huge error when fleeing from police

Picture from @ShirebrookSNT on Twitter.
Picture from @ShirebrookSNT on Twitter.

The person responsible probably thought there wasn't much chance of them getting caught.

They had planned where, when and how they were going to do it.

But they didn't quite manage to carry it out.

For one fly-tipper didn't plan for being caught in the act.

Which would explain why they left behind their van keys in the ignition and their mobile phone when they ran off from Shirebrook police.

A tweet yesterday from Shirebrook Safer "Team said: "Dear Mr Fly-tipper, when you ran off from me earlier you left your van keys in the ignition and your mobile phone. I have retained all for safe keeping if you would like them back please get in contact and I’ll prepare the paperwork for littering. Your sincerely Kat."

The tweet proved popular with almost 150 people 'liking' it, and people on Twitter found it rather amusing.

Steve Clayden wrote: "Quality, you couldn't make this up."

To which the police responded: "No some people are unbelievable really."