Five CCTV cameras to be fitted at Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre

The Pomegranate Theatre.
The Pomegranate Theatre.

Five CCTV cameras are to be fitted at Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre to improve security.

Chesterfield Borough Council has granted conditional planning permission for the installation of two cameras externally and three internally at the Grade II listed building on Corporation Street.

Planning documents state: “Security has become a large issue for a number of the council’s public buildings over the past few years.

“The Pomegranate Theatre is in the heart of the town centre and in the evenings and weekends the area surrounding the building becomes exceptionally busy with members of the public visiting local restaurants, bars, nightclubs and takeaways which are mainly located around Holywell Street and Corporation Street.

“The CCTV system is required to improve the overall security of the venue, internally and externally.”

As the Derbyshire Times reported last month, eight CCTV cameras are being installed outside the Winding Wheel theatre on Holywell Street in a bid to stop late-night revellers using the area as a toilet.