First Bolsover District Council results

RESULTS are still being finalised at Bolsover District Council but 10 out of 29 wards have been released.

So far Labour members at the predominantly Labour authority have clinched 20 seats and the Independents have secured one seat in Elmton with Creswell ward.


Eion Watts, Lab, Elected.

Hilary Joan Gilmour, Lab, Elected.


Alan Frank Tomlinson, Lab, Elected.

Clare Munks, Labour, Elected.

Bolsover North West

Paul Christopher Cooper, Lab, Elected.

Thomas Rodda, Labour, Elected.

Bolsover South

Jennie Elizabeth Bennett, Lab, Elected.

James Eric Hall, Labour, Elected.

Bolsover West

Keith Bowman, Lab, Elected.

Rosemary Joy Bowler, Labour, Elected.

Clowne North

Brian William Hendry, Lab, Elected.

Terence James Connerton, Lab, Elected.

Clowne South

James Edward Smith, Lab, Elected.

Karl Reid, Labour, Elected.

Elmton with Creswell

Duncan McGregor, Lab, Elected.

Rita Turner, Lab, Elected.

James Alan Clifton, Ind, Elected.


Mary Jane Dooley, Lab, Elected.

Dennis Kelly, Lab, Elected.


Pauline May Bowmer, Lab, Elected.

Ann Maureen Syrett, Lab, Elected.