First aid lesson saved my nan

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When Candy Marsh attended a first aid course at work little did she know that just a few days later it would end up saving her grandmother’s life.

On June 3, after an evening out, the 26-year-old from Wingerworth, Chesterfield, returned home and said goodnight to her grandma, Constance Mary Marsh, 81, (known as Mary).

But within five minutes her nan was complaining of feeling faint, and then suddenly slumped unconscious.

Knowing there was no time to lose, Candy immediately put Mrs Marsh into the recovery position and phoned for an ambulance.

Whilst relaying information to the emergency operator, Candy then realised that her nan had stopped breathing, and quickly started to perform CPR – chest compressions and rescue breaths.

After a few attempts – much to Candy’s relief - her grandma took a big gasp.

But her breathing soon became shallower and she stopped breathing again.

Candy started CPR again – and again her nan gasped back to life.

The emergency operator told Candy to open the door as the paramedics would soon be there – and in the time it took to open the door and return back to Mrs Marsh – she had stopped breathing for a third time.

Candy started CPR again and got her grandma breathing again just as the paramedics arrived.

Candy, a children’s centre worker for Arkwright Children’s Centre, attended a St John Ambulance First aid at work course at the end of May through Derbyshire County Council.

“It was a horrendous sequence of events and the reality is that if I hadn’t done my first aid training my nan would probably not be with us now,” said Candy.

“The paramedics and the doctors at the hospital said that if it hadn’t been for the first aid I gave her she probably would have died.

“Now I’m telling everyone how important it is to learn first aid – it really is the difference between life and death.”

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