Firm slams BT repairs

A BOLSOVER business has criticised British Telecom after bosses claimed they were forced to wait nine days for completed repairs to a vandalised phone cable.

Aztec Oils, on Intake Road, at Bolsover Business Park, told how they had to operate without landline phones and other companies on the park were affected after a telegraph pole cable had been severed.

Hannah Lord, Aztec Oils assistant manager, said: “This caused huge disruption to businesses including the loss of telecommunications at our company.

“This was reported and after relentless chasing BT finally fixed our problem after nine days.”

Aztec Oils claimed the cable was severed about 4pm, on May 11. They reported crashed telephone and fax systems with phone lines staying down until repairs were carried out and their systems were re-instated about 4pm, on May 20. The firm said vandals severed the same repaired cable about 3pm, last Thursday, which BT later repaired.

The lubricant specialists, who support automotive, construction, agricultural and industrial businesses, struggled with orders and sales, and staff were sent home during the breakdown.

Ms Lord added: “We fail to understand the lack of support and customer care from BT when a company is brought to its knees.

“We’re not sure if the second attack was random or a vendetta but feel BT should have used protective casing on the cable after the first repairs.”

Aztec Oils is compiling a compensation claim based on allegations of delayed repairs.

BT said it suffered apparent malicious damage affecting 12 users and attended on May 17 to restore service and subsequently discovered a problem with lines serving Aztec Oils which were repaired on May 20. It claimed damage on June 16 was repaired on June 17.

A BT spokesman added: “We would like to apologise to those affected for the protracted nature of the repairs.”