Firm’s Eastern Europe move threatens 65 Chesterfield jobs

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breaking news

A business has announced plans to axe 65 jobs in Chesterfield – and move the positions to Eastern Europe, the DT can reveal.

Internal letters leaked to the Derbyshire Times show that insurance company AIG is poised to make cuts at its Millennium Way office.

The letter states that, as part its ‘global shared services strategy’, positions the motoring insurance department are likely to be cut.

While the letter states that no decision have yet been made, disgruntled employees are not reassured.

One employee, who did not wish to be named, said: “When staff were told, a lot of people burst into tears.

“I know AIG says there will be a consultation process and that no decisions have yet been made, but everyone knows it’s a done deal.”

The employee added: “The people who are set to lose their jobs are working full-time, nine until five and earning around £18,000 a year.

“Most of them have worked there for around four years.

“There are also a lot of temp workers who will probably get axed very soon.”

A spokesman for AIG said: “AIG has announced a proposal to use its centralised regional offices, known as Shared Service Centres, to undertake some of the work currently managed from its Chesterfield office.

“This move potentially impacts around 65 employees and they have all been advised.

“The proposal is subject to a full business assessment and employee consultation and, on that basis, a final decision has not been made.

“AIG is now working with its employees to guide them through these processes.”

If AIG does decide to cut the jobs, they estimate that the ‘migration’ will be complete by September 2016.


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