Firm’s appeal to save water

SP90161 Ogston reservoir
SP90161 Ogston reservoir

‘USE water wisely.’

That is the message from Severn Trent after it emerged the area’s reservoir levels are around ten per cent lower than expected for this time of the year following “exceptionally dry” weather throughout March and April.

Across the Derbyshire Times’ patch, Severn Trent is responsible for managing six reservoirs including Ogston Reservoir, where water storage levels are at 40.3 per cent, 37.5 per cent down on this time last year, and Ladybower Reservoir, where levels are at 79 per cent, 13.5 per cent down on this time in 2010.

But at Derwent Reservoir, water storage levels are at 65.6 per cent, up 6.7 per cent up on this time last year.

A Severn Trent spokesman said: “On the whole, across the region, levels are at 82.6 per cent, 8.9 per cent lower than this time in 2010.”

Although there are no warnings or concerns about hosepipe bans yet, Severn Trent is calling on customers to be more responsible when using water in a bid to help conserve supplies.

Martin Kane, customer relations director at Severn Trent, said: “More rain isn’t a popular idea – but we need it, preferably spread over several days and weeks, so our reservoirs can top up.

“If we take steps now – both as a company and as individuals – our water supplies will be better placed if dry, hot weather continues.”

Mr Kane recommended:

l Fixing dripping taps;

l Taking showers instead of baths;

l Using full not half-empty dishwashers and;

l Resisting the temptation to use a hosepipe when watering the garden or washing the car.

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