Fire service issue petrol warning

Derbyshire Fire
Derbyshire Fire

DERBYSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is warning the people of the dangers of storing petrol in or close to the home.

A spokesman from the service said: “Petrol is a highly flammable, explosive and toxic substance and we would strongly advise that it should not be stored in homes if at all possible.

“By storing petrol you are increasing the risk of fire or an explosion. We do realise that many people store petrol for use in lawn mowers and other garden equipment and by following some simple safety precautions, storage for this should not create a problem, if kept to a minimum.”

It is against the law to store more than 20 litres (4 gallons) of petrol in two ten litre (two gallon) metal containers, or, ten litres (two gallons) in two five litre (one gallon) plastic containers. All containers must be designed for purpose and they must be marked ‘petroleum and highly flammable’.

Mark Leatherland, petroleum officer for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “It is important that people follow the advice being given by the fire service and where possible petrol should not be stored, or where necessary, kept to a minimum.

“Householders should also consider that by storing excessive amounts of petrol, you may run the risk of invalidating your house insurance policy”.