Film fan’s fears over glass ceiling at Chesterfield cinema

Cineworld in Chesterfield.
Cineworld in Chesterfield.

Cinema bosses have hit back after a film fan voiced concern over the glass ceiling at Cineworld in Chesterfield.

The female cinemagoer, who did not want to be identified, said: “It was a busy Saturday night with a queue at each of the tills so while waiting my turn to make my purchases I had a look around.

“I noticed the ceiling is covered with large glass mirrored tiles.

“I, and anyone else for that matter, could see when customers paid by card and the PIN number being entered.

“I was amazed in this day and age when we are encouraged to be very secure about our card details that directly above the card readers are mirrors.

“So if you visit this cinema and pay by card use your other hand to shield your details.”

A Cineworld spokesman said: “We understand how important it is that customers’ payment details remain private.

“In response to the customer’s concern, we have looked into this and we are confident that there is no issue.

“We can also reassure customers that the design of the cinema and the fittings used are in line with legal requirements.”