Fete goes on despite blaze

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A POPULAR village fete was almost called off after a fire destroyed equipment just a week before the event.

Organisers of the Hathersage Gala were left without any props when their storage container - which is kept on Hathersage football field - caught fire.

The entire contents of the tin shed were destroyed, including marquees, gazebos, bunting, games and white boards.

But the cause of the fire has left organisers baffled.

Chairman of the gala committee, Alison Hartley, said: she had been told by firefighters that spontaneous combustion was the reason for the fire.

But admitted she found it puzzling because she claimed there was nothing to spontaneously combust. Organisers have shelled out £1,500 to ensure the gala - which will be held this Saturday July 2 - will go on.

But this means that less money raised at the event can now be donated to local organisations.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, said: “There is no cause listed for this. No fire investigation officer was sent out and the situation is not suspicious. If there was suspicion then we would have sent an officer.”