Farmer: ‘New Whittington smell has nothing to do with me’

The egg shells.
The egg shells.

A farmer who spreads egg shells as a fertiliser has denied he is causing an acrid smell in New Whittington.

Residents have contacted the Derbyshire Times claiming the source of the “obnoxious” odour is coming from Neil Hewitt’s farm in Glasshouse Lane.

Over the last few weeks, both the Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Borough Council have received reports about acrid aromas in the New Whittington area.

But Mr Hewitt, who has permission from the Environment Agency to spread egg shells as a fertiliser, insists the stench has nothing to do with him.

He said: “When the eggs arrived there was a smell for about two hours but it’s gone now. There are other farms in the area which could be the source. It’s nothing to do with me.” One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “The obnoxious smell was without any doubt coming from the enormous pile of egg waste and breathing the odours caused runny noses and sore throats.”