Family '˜cannot forgive' death crash woman's lack of remorse after killing Andrew McKenna

The family of man who was killed when a woman deliberately drove her car head-on at his vehicle say they cannot forgive her lack of remorse.

Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 3:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 3:40 pm
Andrew McKenna

Andrew McKenna was killed after Abigail Andrews ploughed her Nissan Juke into the path of his car, fatally injuring Andy and seriously injuring his two passengers.

MORE ON THIS STORY: JAILED: Chesterfield death-crash woman who deliberately drove car into another vehicleIn a statement, Andrew’s family said: “In an attempt to cover this up and to turn herself into the victim, she fabricated version after version of the truth and, when her versions still did not match the known facts, she conveniently ‘couldn’t remember’.

“The truth is: she created a fantasy boyfriend on Facebook and couldn’t face up to her pathetic lies when challenged. In a fit of temper, she climbed out of a window that night and drove furiously and deliberately into the path of Andy’s car, with no regard for who she would injure in the process. Ironically, the collapse of her fantasy world resulted in the tragic destruction of real lives.

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“She has robbed us of a loving and much loved husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend and caused serious, long lasting physical injuries and mental trauma to Andy’s passengers, Chris and Wayne, who are still coming to terms with what happened that night.

“In the almost 18 months between the fatal collision and coming to trial, she has not once shown a shred of remorse for her actions. NOT ONCE. She thinks only of herself and has continued to drive, ride and party, as if nothing happened. For that, we cannot forgive her.

“Society puts great trust in its drivers to follow the rules of the road, and to avoid compromising the safety of other road users through their actions. We trust the verdict issued in this case will act as a deterrent to prevent other family groups having to suffer similar tragedies.

“Since the accident we have received much support including that of the Police, the CPS & our legal team – we are very grateful for that support but now respectfully request an uninterrupted period of calm that we might attempt to recover from our loss.”