Families '˜only just surviving' in Derbyshire despite economic recovery

More than two thirds of East Midlands parents are not feeling the benefits since the start of Britain's economic recovery, according to new research.

Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 9:29 am

Almost four in ten parents say their family finances have actually gotten worse since the recovery began three years ago.

And according to the study, carried out by children’s charity 4Children, families across the country are ‘only just surviving’, with almost half of parents claiming they could not cope with the cost of a broken boiler this winter.

The national poll looked at the daily lives of Britain’s families in 2016 and found it was clear that East Midlands parents’ efforts to make ends meet are taking their toll on family time.

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The region found that more than a quarter of parents were losing sleep over their relationship, which is higher than anywhere else in the UK.

Just under a third of working parents also said they are missing out on family activities every weekend, because of work commitments.

And more than half of parents are kept up at night by money worries – the highest rate in England.

Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of 4Children, said too many families in Britain are “struggling to make ends meet”, despite the economy improving.

She said: “Families in the East Midlands are no exception.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of families as part of our inquiry into Britain’s Families in 2016. The message from them was clear - they’re working hard to make ends meet but quality family time is suffering as a result.

“Like many families across the country, families in the East Midlands are torn between working longer hours to provide more for their families and spending quality time together.

“Mums and dads feel like they’re playing snakes and ladders, with many only one unexpected bill away from a crisis. And as our polling shows, a broken boiler this winter could push many over the edge financially.

“We need to see better family friendly working conditions, especially for dads who are often missing out - and incomes need to match the real cost of raising a family.”

The research also suggested that parents had real concerns for their children’s futures.

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