Ex-army man jailed for attack on officer

From the courts
From the courts

An ex-serviceman is behind bars after kicking a police officer called to a domestic dispute.

Michael Betton kicked Pc Richard Painter in the groin when police attended his address,

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting at Chesterfield magistrates, told the court Betton, 46 was taken to hospital after he said he had taken an overdose of tablets.

He was abusive in the accident and emergency suite and tried to bite an officer before kicking Pc Painter’s legs.

“He said: ‘I’m going to find you and kill you all. I’ll get my army mates to sort you’,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Betton, of Harvey Court, Bolsover, admitted the August 20 assault and was locked up for eight weeks.

Jon Barber, for Betton, said he had mental health problems and had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder following army service.

The court heard that Betton had taken overdoses in the past.

He added that Betton was trying to turn his life around and had gained a place on a college course with a view to becoming a counsellor.