Derbyshire’s rural police slam cyclists who ignored rules to ride on protected Peak District site before abusing landowner

Derbyshire’s Rural Crime Team has criticised cyclists who rode on historic and environmentally protected land – and then abused the owner.

Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 11:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 11:54 am

On Monday, July 4, the Derbyshire Rural Crime Team reported that they had attended an incident at Tideslow Rake in the Peak District.

Officers found that a pair of cyclists had ignored notices not to ride on the land – which is legally protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

In a Facebook post, the rural team said: “We're now at the height of summer and the countryside is a busy place. Visitors need to be respectful and courteous and residents need to exercise a degree of tolerance and vice versa. It's a tricky balancing act and conflict often arises.

The rural crime team asked those who use Derbyshire’s countryside to be considerate.

“The above applies to users of all public places whether on foot, wheels or hooves. People do need to appreciate that landowners on whatever scale are the custodians of the land and, in most cases, do a splendid job maintaining the beauty of the area and the access which goes with it.

“People like the ones in the picture ought to take a good look at themselves. Not only did they disregard some very polite and clear signage but they then felt the need to be abusive to the landowner who, in this instance, was completely polite to them.”

The team urged those who use Derbyshire’s countryside to abide by any rules and respect those who maintain the land.

“Fortunately, these people are the exception and the majority of cyclists are respectful and will probably cringe at the prospect of all cyclists being labelled the same. Trail drivers, horse riders, walkers and runners are all faced with the same issues as individuals and as communities, so please do your part in keeping the countryside peace.

“Brush up on access rules, use a decent up-to-date map and please respect the work which goes into making Derbyshire a county to be proud of.

“Should the cyclists in the photo like to receive some education about their riding then please feel free to contact us. Our services are free at the point of delivery and we can put you in touch with any number of historians, geologists, ornithologists and botanists who can explain the finer details alluded to in the sign.”