Appeal for field for annual folk festival

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A folk society is calling on Derbyshire farmers to come forward to host their annual camp.

The Folk Camps Society, established in 1961 to preserve English country dance, music and song, holds 12 camps every year and are looking for a field of at least three acres.

Site finder, Michael Green, said: “We have camped in some of the loveliest parts of the country, including the Lake District and Snowdonia, yet so far we can’t find the field we need in beautiful Derbyshire. But then, there are an awful lot of hills.”

He added: “Most of us camp in tents. All we need is a reliable water supply at the field edge. We do the rest. We will be so delighted to find a Derbyshire site that we will add a genuine bonus thank you to our usual fee.”

The camps runs for four weeks for 125 people a week in August 2015. Call 01588 640525 or by email at