Entries to Chesterfield Half Marathon ‘suspended’ after arrest of organiser

Organiser of Chesterfield Half Marathon, Mike Hyman
Organiser of Chesterfield Half Marathon, Mike Hyman

Entries to the Chesterfield Half Marathon have been temporarily suspended - following the arrest of organiser Mike Hyman on suspicion of theft.

Mr Hyman, 69, co-founder of Chesterfield-based charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer, which also organises the half marathon, was arrested last month with his wife June, 71.

The pair have been released on bail pending further enquiries.

A notice posted on the Chesterfield & Derbyshire Marathon Facebook states: “All current race registrations have been temporarily suspended please check back regularly and follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.”

Mr Hyman co-founded national charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer in 2010, based at The Bridge Business Centre on Beresford Way in Chesterfield.

The charity’s website - which is still not working - previously stated: “We assist children in the UK suffering from mass tumour cancers, to access potentially life-saving proton therapy treatment in the USA if appropriate to their condition.”

At the time of their arrest, a Charity Commission spokesman said: “Following the arrest of two individuals connected to the charity, including a trustee, the Charity Commission opened a statutory inquiry into Kids ‘n’ Cancer to assess serious concerns about its management and governance. As part of our investigation, we have frozen the charity’s bank accounts.”

Last month, a spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “Derbyshire police executed two warrants in Chesterfield and a 69-year-old man and a 71-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of theft.”

“They have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.”

The race is due to take place on Sunday, October 22.