Engel holds on to North East Derbyshire despite tough Tory challenge

Natascha Engel
Natascha Engel

Natascha Engel has retained North East Derbyshire for Labour in a closely contested battle with the Conservatives.

Labour received 19,488 votes compared with 17,605 for the Conservatives.

UKIP received 7,631 votes, while the Liberal Democrats received 2,004 votes. The Greens came in fifth with 1,059 votes.

Speaking after the result, Ms Engel said it means the ‘world to her to be able to represent North East Derbyshire again’.

Throughout the night, fears emerged that a slick party campaign in support of Tory candidate Lee Rowley could topple the Labour candidate.

But in the end she held on comfortable with a majority of 1,883 - 41 per cent of the vote, compared with Labour’s 37 per cent.