Elderly cancer-stricken mum and son want to move from Chesterfield home due to anti-social behaviour

Anthony and Grace Lofting in their Chepstow Gardens home
Anthony and Grace Lofting in their Chepstow Gardens home

A wheelchair-bound man and his elderly cancer-stricken mum want more help from their housing association in relocating from their bungalow in Chesterfield due to alleged anti-social behaviour in the area.

Anthony Lofting, 51, cares for his mum Grace, 81, at their rented home on Chepstow Gardens, Chesterfield.

Mr Lofting claims they have been trying to get help from their housing association, The Guinness Partnership, so they can move out but says they keep getting ‘fobbed off’.

“We want to move from this area because it’s not very good for my mum who has asthma, heart trouble and is a cancer patient,” Mr Lofting said.

“There is anti-social behaviour in the area and we do not want that at silly o’clock. It is stressful.”

Mr Lofting suffered a spinal stroke 13 years ago and has been wheelchair-bound ever since.

He said they have previously been offered a place by The Guinness Partnership in Shirebrook but turned it down because they did not list it as an area they wanted to move to.

A spokesperson for The Guinness Partnership said they had ‘thoroughly investigated’ the claims of anti-social behaviour but could not find any evidence of it happening.

She added: “We have, however, accepted Mr Lofting and his mother onto our transfer list for alternative accommodation, but we must offer accommodation first to those most in need.”