Your School: Pilsley Primary School

Ready, steady, go and off they run

It was finally sports day for the children at Pilsley Primary School last Thursday, and they were making the most of the glorious sun shine.

The children were cheering on their teams, as they paced themselves ready for their events.

First was the running race where you saw little athletes sprinting up the lanes doing their best Usain Bolt impressions, followed by the skipping were you saw ropes flying high above their little heads, and then the most entertaining of them all the egg and spoon race. The youngsters ran, as the eggs fell and rolled back down the field.

Parents were chanting and the teachers were cheering as the funnest of all races began, the sack race. Last but not least was the beanbag race, where the kids were screaming from the sideline - egging on their teammates to pass the finishing line to win the last few points. Even the parents took part, competing against each other filling the crowd with laughter.

The crowd went silent as the headteacher announced which Commonwealth inspired team had won...“you’ll never believe it, it’s England!” The school put on their annual summer fair afterwards including, raffle stalls, food and drink, soak the headteacher, bouncy slide and even a penalty shoot out for all the young Beckhams. They raised £655 to put in the school funds, for sports equipment and future school trips.

It was a superb day out for all those proud parents, and I’m sure it’ll be the same again next year.

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