Year seven students from around Wirksworth took part in the event at Anthony Gell School

Prospective Anthony Gell School year seven students from primary schools in and around Wirksworth built on their teamworking and science and engineering skills under the watchful eyes of local STEM( Science Technology Engineeriing and Maths) ambassadors from Lubrizol, Rolls Royce and Auriga Astronomy.

The students were given challenges by the ambassadors, led by Lawrie Peck, to construct a tall, freestanding Knex tower and a tetrahedral pyramid during their morning visit to Anthony Gell School.

The equipment was kindly loaned by the DEBP (Derbyshire Education Business Partnership).

The youngsters thrived in their teams, thought hard about their construction and made many new friends during their collaborative challenges, to enable them to have a smooth transition to secondary school in September. The ambassadors judged their efforts and explained to them the strengths and weaknesses of their work, and the winners were celebrated.

The transition events from primary to secondary school continue in July with a Forensic Science morning in the science department, a whole day visit to experience some lessons across the school and an evening to meet their new tutors.