Success for the Rowsley Menu

The ‘Great Rowsley Menu’ has proven to be a great success for the Year 6 children at Rowsley C of E Primary School.

For the second year, East Lodge provided the children with a plot of land to grow their own foods and the opportunities to learn the basics of the hotel industry.

This year’s project ended on Monday July 11 with a fabulous ‘graduation banquet’ for pupils to showcase their new skills to parents and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This community project with East Lodge Hotel, not only provided valuable, interesting and engaging learning experiences outside the classroom but also helped children to understand how to use and apply their talents, abilities and skills in a business setting.

The children were able to learn about the importance of eating fresh produce in order to maintain a healthy diet and develop their understanding of the economic and environmental issues relating to sustainable food production.

Throughout the project, the children developed a wide range of gardening, food preparation and hospitality skills as a result of the knowledge, expertise and wisdom shared by local professionals.

The high point of the project was when the children set up the restaurant and served their parents and teachers at the graduation banquet, displaying their newly acquired hospitality skills.

For the graduation lunch, parents, teachers and children were able to enjoy delights such as smoked salmon tartare and locally sourced pork served with salad and vegetables picked and prepared from the children’s garden and lemon meringue pie made from East Lodge eggs and served with fruit grown by the children.

The most rewarding part of this process was seeing the children’s work come together and being enjoyed so much by everyone.

“All the team at East Lodge have been involved with the project and we’ve really enjoyed helping this year’s pupils create their Great Rowsley Menu. The children really enthusiastic and willing to show involvement with the program,” said Iain Hardman, deputy managing director of East Lodge Hotel.

“The graduation banquet has been an outstanding event, with great food and a great atmosphere. The children did magnificently and were really excited to show off their achievements to their parents – there was a fabulous sense of pride and community.

“It was the perfect end to the school year as well as the children’s time at Rowsley Primary.”

Headteacher: Rosey Andrassy.