St John award is a real life-saver

Children learn first aid with St John Ambulance
Children learn first aid with St John Ambulance

AS the new term begins next week, a pioneering new award is being offered to Derbyshire schools that equip pupils and staff with basic life-saving skills.

The St John Ambulance Schools Mark will be awarded to those that show a significant commitment to the safety and health of their school community.

Criteria for achieving the standard include teaching important first aid skills that could make even young children the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Schools displaying the prestigious logo must have trained staff first aiders for each year group and teach first aid skills to at least 20% of pupils. They must also have correct policies and procedures to cover accidents, health and safety, risk assessment and evacuation.

Carl Makins, Head of Schools & Community Projects for St John Ambulance Derbyshire, said: ‘Every year up to 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. Even basic first aid knowledge can save a life and this is our way of encouraging schools to teach these very basic skills.

‘The new award will give credit to schools that support the initiative – and also reassure parents that their children are in safe hands.’

Derbyshire is a national leader in schools first aid, with more pupils trained in basic life-saving skills than anywhere else in the UK.

St John Ambulance also offers a Teach the Difference Award, recognising the contribution of teachers who train their pupils in first aid. Bronze, silver and gold awards are available to enhance teachers’ personal development portfolios, depending on the number of children trained.

To learn more about both of these awards, or about schools first aid training, contact Carl Makins on (01246) 200 272 or visit