READER’S LETTER: Teachers need to listen to parents

Dunston primary school parents protest.
Dunston primary school parents protest.

Once again we find ourselves taking our kids past the picket line so they can go to school to yet another unknown day!

Who will be their ‘teacher’ for the day? What ‘lessons’ will they be doing?.

Another two days of striking – seven in total – and this, according to NASUWT is in no way affecting my childrens’ learning.

How the union can claim that my childrens’ learning is not being disrupted by any of this is beyond me!

My child is in one of the classes where the teacher is striking. There are not enough teachers to cover, so parents are giving up their time (some using annual leave to do so) so that the school remains open during their strikes.

The fact the school is open is nothing to do with the striking teachers, however much they claim to have put lesson plans in place.

Who’s there to carry out those so-called lesson plans?

As a parent I feel that as the Ofsted report dropped the school from ‘good’ to ‘satisfactory’ earlier this year, the headteacher is simply trying to find out why this is, in an effort to bring the school back up to scratch.

The teachers, who according to them are always putting our children first, should be working as team to strive for this, NOT bringing unwelcome media attention and disrupting important learning times of those they claim to put first.

The striking teachers are receiving no votes of sympathy from parents, parents who continuously assessed in their own lines of work, when and if the management deem it necessary.

If our department is under performing, then assessments are made as to why?

Why do these teachers think they are above the rest of the working population?

It’s about time they stopped hiding behind the union and running to the picket line every time someone says what they don’t want to hear, stop acting like the infants they are supposed to be teaching, grow up and get back to doing the job they’re paid to do.


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