Derbyshire A Level results 2013: St Mary’s High School, Chesterfield

Major incident
Major incident

The headteacher of St Mary’s Catholic High School, in Chesterfield has praised pupils and staff after another successful results year.

Sean McClafferty, said the school was extremely proud of this year’s A level students and their results.

“They have achieved highly across all ability ranges,” he said.

“The percentage of A and B grades together accounted for 62 per cent, a marvellous achievement. Many individuals gained outstanding sets of A level results. In fact, 11.5 per cent of our students gained four or more A grades. These A level results have helped students gain their university, training and employment places very successfully.”

Mr McClafferty, said he was very proud of the students and thanked them for their hard work, eagerness to learn and enormous contribution to the life of the school.

Here are the results for St Mary’s:

C Allison Maths,Biol, Chem GS

E Apperley PE,RS,BS,GS

J Bailey BS,Des & Tech,His GS

J Barker RS,Maths,Chem,GS

S Barrett BS,Des & Tech,His,GS

S Baxter Psychol,Maths,His,GS

L Bean RS,IT,Chem,GS

A Bell RS,His,Dra,GS

L Bittles Psychol,RS,Biol,GS

A Blackbourn Maths,Fu Maths,BS,GS

L Bowler Geog,BS,Des &Tech,GS

N Brennan Maths,His,Eng Lang,GS

L Brownley RS,Maths,Econ,GS

C Brownlow Art & Design,Chem,Phys,GS

V Burr Art & Design,Eng Lang,Des & Tech,GS

J Bush Geog,Eng Lang,Fren,GS

R Calderbank RS,Maths,Span

R Cancellara Psychol,RS,Span

M Cerrone Econ,Ger,His,GS

A Clarke Psychol,RS,Biol,GS

E Clayton Maths,IT,Phys

L Clayton His,Span,Eng Lang,GS

A Cogan RS,His,Ital,GS

T Collier Maths,Phys,Fren,GS

J Cooke Maths,Chem,Phys,GS

E Coxhead Psychol,Maths,His,GS

T Cremin RS,IT,BS

R Croft Maths,Chem,Phys

H Curley Maths,Psychol,His,GS

L Dale RS,Econ,Eng Lang,GS

W Davidson Maths,Chem,Phys,GS

Z De Rooij Dutch,His,Ger,GS

R Devonshire Psychol,Des &Tech,Eng Lang,GS

A Downing Maths,Des & Tech,Span,GS

R Durdin Maths,Biol,Chem,GS

L Eades Psychol.Biol,Chem,GS

H Early Psychol,Maths,Art & Des

E Elliott PE,GS

X Elshaw Maths,Biol,Chem GS

P Eustace PE,Dra,His,GS

K Fearn Biol,Chem,Ger,GS

L Fenner RS,Fren,Ger,His,GS

I Firth Maths,Chem,Biol,Fren,GS

L Forman Maths,BS,Phys,GS

G Foulk Psychol,RS,Biol,Eng Lang,GS

B Frazer Maths,Fu Maths,Phys,GS

M Fretwell BS,Art & Des,Des & Tech,GS

A Gadsby Art & Des,Eng Lit,Dra,GS

V Glistrides Maths,Chem,Art & Des,GS

R Goodall Maths,Des & Tech,Phys,GS

C Goodwin,RS,Biol,Chem,GS

E Goodwin Maths,Biol,Econ,GS

C Gould RS,Geog,Eng Lang

F Guerriero PE,Maths,Geog,GS

S Guild Maths,Biol,Chem,Fren,GS

J Gunton RS,Eng Lit,Fren,GS

T Hammond BS,Eng Lang,Fren

N Hardwick PE,Maths,Fu Maths,GS

G Heeks Maths,Geog,Chem

C Hiron PE,BS,His,GS

J Holland Maths,IT,Chem,GS

A Hughes BS,Span,Eng Lang,GS

A Hyde Maths,Phys,Fren,GS

H Inglis Geog,Econ,Eng Lang,GS

A Ingram Psychol,BS,Eng Lang,GS

M Jerman Maths,His,Chem,GS

A Johnson Maths,Biol,BS

H Jones Maths,His,Eng Lit,GS

H Kangley Maths,Biol,Phys,GS

B Kaunhoven RS,BS,GS

L Kent RS,Span,Eng Lang,GS

J King Maths,Fu Maths,Phys,GS

S King Psychol,RS,maths,GS

J Latham Psychol,Biol,GS

E Lawton Psychol,Maths,BS,GS

B Lloyd Maths,Fu Maths,His

D Longden RS,His,Fren,GS

C Maloney Psychol,BS,Eng Lang,GS

R Markham Psychol,BS,Eng Lang,GS

B Marshall Maths,Chem,Phys

W Martin RS,Geog,BS

T Meadows RS,Art & Des,Eng Lit

K Milne RS,Geog,His,GS

E Moore Maths,His,Eng Lit,GS

S Murray RS,His,GS

T Nickson RS,His,,Eng Lit

M Noone Psychol,Maths,His,

E Nutt RS,Maths,Eng Lit,GS

S O’Brien RS,His,Eng Lit,GS

C Oldfield Maths,Fu Maths,Chem,Biol,GS

F Oluwajana Maths,Fu Maths,Bio,Chem,GS

L Page Maths,Biol,Econ,

K Parmar RS,Econ,Eng Lang,GS

T Pawelski Econ,His,Eng Lang,GS

A Payne Psychol,Maths,Biol,GS

O Payne Maths,Biol,Chem,Phys,GS

J Payton Biol,Art & Des,Chem,GS

C Pheasey Maths,Geog,Chem,,GS

L Phillips RS,BS

F Price PE,Biol,Span

O Rafferty RS,His,Eng Lang,GS

Y Redhead His,Dra,Eng Lang,GS

J Redihough Maths,Biol,Chem,GS

R Reuss Art & Des,Des & Tech, Eng Lang

J Rigsby RS,Biol,Chem,GS

M Riley Maths,Phys,Chem

A Roberts Maths,Biol,Chem,GS

H Rodger Mu,RS,Geog,Eng Lit,,GS

J Rowbottom Psychol,RS,His,GS

D Sawdon Maths,IT,BS,GS

O Shanny Biol,Eng Lit,His,GS

M Sharpe Mu,RS,BS

D Sides-Pearson Biol,Chem,Phys

E Skill Psychol,Biol,Phys,GS

A Sliwnski RS,BS,Eng Lang

A Smith Maths,Chem,Phys,GS

L Smith Maths,Chem,Eng Lit,Phys,GS

R South Maths,His,Econ,Fren,GS

M Squires Maths,His,Phys,GS

G Stansbury RS,Maths,Biol,GS

H Sumpton RS,Dra,Eng Lit,GS

R Sutton Maths,BS,Phys

A Tavs Psychol,RS,Phys

L Thomas Psychol,RS,Biol,GS

C Thompson RS,Maths,Biol,GS

T Walker Maths,Chem,Phy,GS

C Ward Geog,His,Eng Lang,GS

B Webb BS,Econ,Eng Lang

M Westray Mu,RS,Maths

D White Maths,Fu Maths,Econ,Ger,GS

V White Psychol,Maths,Biol,GS

L Wilding Maths,Fu Maths,Bio,Phys,GS

S Williamson PE,Psychol,BS,His,GS

A Wilson Maths,Biol,Chem,GS

S Witham Maths,Biol,Chem,GS

L Wood RS,Geog,BS,GS

M Wragg BS,Eng Lang,Art & Des

T Yeowell Psychol,GHeog,Biol,GS

L Young Maths,Fu Maths,Chem,Phys,GS