EDITOR’S COMMENT: Nothing winds us up more than some jobsworth meddling with the bins

NOTHING gets people more wound up than some meddling jobsworth interfering with the one thing that used to be simple – the bins!

Remember the days when a burly bloke would jog up your path like Rocky ‘Bin’boa, hoy a steel barrel onto his back, brimming with all of today’s excesses – topped with a week’s worth of ash – stroll down to the lorry with a whistle pursed at his lips before cheerily chucking your waste away and putting your bin back exactly where he found it?

And did we appreciate it? Well, yes! We did actually. In fact, I reckon everybody on the street used to leave a crisp fiver out for the bin crew at Christmas as a token of their appreciation (and to coin my old mother’s phrase: ‘that was a lot of money back then!’)

Fast-forward to the present day, and chaos reigns supreme. Never mind that they don’t fetch your bin from the yard anymore. Never mind that if you don’t leave it in the exact spot that they want it, they won’t empty it.

We now have half a dozen jobs to do before we can even lob an empty tin of beans in the bin. Effectively, we’re doing the jobs of the poor beggars who used to be employed to do what we are now having to do in our own kitchens.

So not only are we putting the things out for them nowadays, we’re also sorting it all into nice neat containers for them, too. When you think about it, we’re basically doing half the job for them (and paying twice as much as we used to) and yet they STILL can’t get it right.

And this isn’t me being sensationalist about one annoyed woman’s letter (see right). Over in the Dales there is rubbish piled high in the streets, with so many rats running amok that they’re going to have to put an ad in the Derbyshire Times for a Pied Piper.

I’d like to know what you think. Am I seeing through rose-tinted specs, or is there a real problem?

by James Mitchinson, Editor