EDITOR’S COMMENT: Chesterfield rallies to give Metro newspaper a bloody nose

THEY say strength can be drawn from numbers – and that proved so this week after a Metro newspaper journalist’s insult galvanised Chesterfield into action.

Within moments of a disparaging article appearing online, numerous agencies were on the front foot looking for an explanation.

And it is perhaps a sign of the times that scores of you chose the same weapon for the battle – Twitter. The social networking site came alive with Cestrefeldians banging on the door of @MetroUK in search of answers.

Very quickly an army was gathered using the hashtag #lovechesterfield, giving real co-ordination to the campaign to put the Metro right.

Pleasingly, as well as looking to kick ten Twitter bells out of the opponent, YOU quickly turned your attention to singing the praises of the town.

Many of you also acknowledged that Sheffield in its own right is a nice city. You also demonstrated exactly why Sheffield might be the happiest city in the UK – because our outlook on life has rubbed off on the Steel City.

What’s important now is that we work together as a town to maintain the momentum. We need to harness the fury for the betterment of Chesterfield.

Already the town’s MP is demanding a tete-a-tete with the journalist whose flippant ‘ignorance’ has caused such outrage – and I for one wouldn’t fancy going toe to toe with an angry Toby Perkins.

And so I want you to tell me what you love about Chesterfield as part of our ‘Summer of Love’ campaign.

What makes our town stand out from the crowd? Where should I visit? Who should I meet? Let me know!

James Mitchinson, Editor