Eckington workers have designs on protecting environment

An Eckington-based company has committed to reducing its environmental impact by pledging to only use reusable water bottles,

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 7:00 am
Workers at Oasis Studio, Eckington, commit to protecting the environment.

Employees at Oasis Studio, a creative design company, have signed a pledge stating they will eliminate the use of plastic bottles by opting to only use metal bottles as part of an ongoing effort to create less waste.

The cost of the reusable bottles has been split between the company and employees, to show equal responsibility in reducing the impact of sending plastic to landfill.

Creative visualiser, Nick Bounds, who co-ordinated the switch to more sustainable measures said: “Reducing our impact on the environment is something we’ve always been passionate about here at Oasis Studio. Over time, we’ve made a conscious effort to recycle, save energy where possible and be more mindful of our actions. It’s a continuous effort that we’re all very much a part of.

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“We’re a small team, but we believe little changes can have a big impact. If other, larger companies adopted similar ideas, we could make a real difference.”

As well as making the switch to reusable bottles, other measures adopted by the company, which specialises in architecture and creative visualisation, include printing on recycled paper, using fully biodegradable tea bags and separating office waste into designated recycling bins.

Nick said: “By signing a pledge to be more mindful around our actions and sharing the cost of our reusable bottles, we’ve taken a level of personal responsibility and hopefully this will reflect in every aspect of our lives.

“One of our team members keeps chickens and any shredded paper we generate is used as bedding for them. With a bit of consideration, we’ve managed to reduce our waste considerably.”

Managing director Paul Deakin added: “We’ve got a real collaborative approach here at Oasis Studio; the team expressed their interest in reducing how much waste we produce as an office and researched what could be done differently.

“We’re always open to new ideas and were more than happy to contribute to the ideas suggested by our employees. This is our first step towards becoming as environmentally responsible as we can.”