East Mids is happy hotspot

Happy mother with daughter
Happy mother with daughter

FOLK in the East Midlands should be all smiles, as they are the happiest in the country according to a new survey - published just three years after the area topped a poll as the most miserable.

The region came out top, with 81 per cent of people asked giving a four or five out of five when asked ‘How happy would you say the area where you live is?’

But just over the border, the discontent is seemingly rife, as Yorkshiremen rated their region as the second most unhappy part of the country.

The figures, from a survey commissioned by mental health magazine Uncovered, hail a happiness overhaul for our patch, after a 2008 report named Amber Valley and North East Derbyshire the least cheerful place to live in England.

The previous statistics, from a study by the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, put the area at the bottom of the pile, claiming lack of social cohesion was responsible.

But that seems to be a thing of the past. Charlotte Fantelli, editor at Uncovered, said: “We feel we have a responsibility to understand the needs of the nation. We commissioned the survey so we could find out which areas need to be focused on.”

“But people is the East Midlands seem to be happy, which is fantastic.”

The East Midlands also fared well in the survey - which questioned 1000 people across the country - when asked if they used booze to cope with stress or depression. Only 26% of people in the region agreed, compared to 57% in Northern Island and the North East of England.

We asked the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook fans whether the area keeps them smiling. One fan, Chris Mallory, said: “It does, in a Charles Manson sort of way” and Timothy Westwood, said: “I used to live in Wirksworth and now live in Sutton-in- Ashfield. It is better in Derbyshire Dales.”

Mark Scott, added: “Creswell, Bolsover, Chesterfield, and all of Derbyshire so much history and so much to Photograph.”