Duo delivers success by starting up alone

ndet 94773 Self Employed Feature. Claire Wright with step-daughter Lisa Wright.
ndet 94773 Self Employed Feature. Claire Wright with step-daughter Lisa Wright.
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Record numbers of budding entrepreneurs are opting to go solo and launch their own business

A DERBYSHIRE couple who lost their jobs in the economic crunch are among a record number of recession-hit Brits working for themselves.

Entrepreneurs Claire and Anthony Wright, of Windsor Drive, Wingerworth, set up a successful courier business after they lost work as a result of the downturn – and they’ve never looked back.

Latest official figures show there are a record number of self-employed people in the UK as unemployment rockets.

Claire said: “I couldn’t go back to ‘normal’ employment – I like being my own boss, choosing my own hours and spending more time with my kids.

“Being self-employed can be challenging but very satisfying – what we put in is what we get out.

“I really don’t miss the security or the wages of before,” added the former breastfeeding support worker.

Claire and Anthony started the firm, called A and C Distribution, in 2010.

The business has grown and Claire, who is responsible for finding new customers, said the future “looks bright”.

She added she was helping her 18-year-old step-daughter launch a new online company as she was struggling to find a job.

Claire said: “If you’re considering going self-employed, it’s really important to do lots of research and to work hard.”

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, self-employment has hit a record level of 4.14m – up 300,000 since 2008.

John Philpott, of the CIPD, said the surge was “good news”.

Go to www.direct.gov.uk for more information on self-employment.

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‘We are in the midst of a full-blown jobs crisis’

SEVEN thousand people lost work and joined the dole queue in the East Midlands in the three months to November, figures show.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that a total of 190,000 people were jobless in the area between September and November.

The region’s unemployment rate stands at 8.3 per cent.

George Cowcher, chief executive of Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce, said the situation was “difficult”.

“With public sector job losses likely to continue, we must make every effort to help the private sector create more jobs to absorb this fallout and drive future economic growth,” he added.

Rob Johnston, Midlands TUC regional secretary, said: “We are in the midst of a full-blown jobs crisis that is causing misery for 190,000 people and their families and ruining any chance of an economic recovery.”

Nationally, unemployment hit a 17-year high after a 118,000 surge in the jobless total, which saw a record number of young people out of work.

The figure rose to 2.68m in the three months to November – the worst since the summer of 1994.

Top tips for job-hunters

- BE flexible and keep your options open – always look at ways to adapt your skills and experience or apply them to other areas of work, even if it’s in a completely different sector to what you are used to.

- BE proactive – employers really value people who demonstrate drive and initiative. Go to jobs fairs, sign up with an agency, search vacancies in the press and online and approach employers who are in the local news.

- HAVE a good CV – a cleanly-written, well-presented CV is key to creating a good first impression. Employers are put off by CVs which don’t make sense or are full of spelling mistakes, bad grammar, poor English and irrelevant information.

- ALWAYS be positive and professional – while skills, experience and qualifications are extremely important, employers value people who are well presented, enthusiastic and possess good communication skills and a strong work ethic.

- DON’T GIVE UP – it may take longer than expected, but the right position will come along eventually. Don’t give up at the first hurdle.

Information from Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce